Sliden’Joy: World’s Triple Screen For Laptop

5Laptops are most commonly known for their portability. These are specially manufactured for making work easier compared to desktops. Generally people use it for their personal or professional works. These are small in size and easily transportable. Laptops are designed only for single display. Now with the help of Slidenjoy it is possible to add multiple screen in laptop. With the help of it people can add multiple portable screens intoyour laptop easily. It allows you to add two or three lightweight screens with your laptop at the same time. Sliden’Joy display is a high definition screen display with different size options like 13, 15 and 17 inches. With the help of Sliden’Joy two additional displays can be added in both Windows and Mac based operating system and also these external displays can be rotate up to 180 degree with centers, providing work flexible. Now company is also working for Linux system support.

In other side, for desktop users, adding more than one screen with the system is easy and adds to their functionality, especially for technical workers like many of us. But in the case of laptop users, only one display is enough for their work. In order to provide multiple screen for laptop users, Belgium designer has created Sliden’Joy by which multiple display adding to laptops is portable. Sliden’Joy basically allow you to attachup to two different screen to the right and left side of your laptop. The displays are thin and light with aluminum edges, and supports 1080p resolution each. These screens are clipped with the laptop display and connects to aUSB 3.0 port or a pair of USB 2.0 port.

The Sliden’Joy display can be folded in numerous combinations, allowing friends and colleagues to watch the screen from different angles. This is good for people who want to represent their work to several people throughout an important meeting. It is also useful for graphic designers, travelers photographers, web developers, students, businessmen, video artists, gamers and architects. It is just 1.7 centimeters approximate 0.65 inches thick for the two extra screen version, and could get even thinner in the production version. The developers are so proud of the Slide joys success so far that they have already announced a number of features on which they are working towards, such as touch screens, integrated batteries, triple screens extension and even Linux support and gamers supports.