Know About the Best Hidden Features in Latest Update of Windows 10

Microsoft has released its latest version of operating system called Windows 10 in last year. Few days before Windows 10 is updated with some new features. Obviously the new features will be known to all of the users, but there are some hidden features that we are going to discuss in this article.

Find My Device:

start-menu-10074-100582141-primary.idgeIn the previous version of the Windows operating system if you were in need to tract your lost laptop or other device then you had to make use of a third party application. Due to its importance, Microsoft has added this feature with Windows 10 so that the users dont need to opt for any third party tool. Like the mobile apps you can be able to find my device and can easily track the location of your device.

You need to sign-in your Microsoft Account on the web from another device, so that you can tract the laptop if you lose it or it gets stolen. So follow the steps to enable this feature:

Go to Settings and then click on to updates and security and there you will find “find my device“. So follow the recommended steps to activate this feature.

Automatic Time Zones:

In the previous version of the Windows operating systems, the setting automatic time for many years was available, but automatic changing of time zone was not available if you travel to any other country. So as the advanced feature Microsoft added this Automatic Time Zone and it was hidden. Go to Settings, there click on to Time & Language, go to set time zone automatically option. Now where ever you travel, the time will set automatically and it is a smart feature.

New Skype Apps:

In the updated version of the Windows 10, Microsoft has included Skype integration, but its sure that most of the users have not notices it. Along with the installation of updated version of Windows 10, the other apps like Phone, Messaging, Skype Video will also be installed.

Microsoft Edge Sync favorites and passwords:

This is the unique feature in the updated Windows 10; if you are using multiple Windows 10 devices then you can use Edge Sync settings and can sync your password and favorites from all the devices and use the same one in all Windows 10 devices. This feature is not available in previous versions of Windows and in previous updates of Windows 10.