How to Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook 2016?

I have some important emails and documents in Outlook 2016 and cannot bear to lose the data under any circumstances. But today while I was trying to access the emails, it was inaccessible. Distraught! Can anybody tell me how to recover deleted emails from outlook 2016? Is there a way to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2016 efficiently keeping all the files intact?

The Recover Outlook PST is the software application that can retrieve deleted/lost Outlook items with ease. The software is compatible to the various versions of Windows including the latest version Outlook 2016 and also works well with Mac. The recover Outlook can recover the Outlook items and even fix the issue of over-sized PST.

Lets know something about PST

PST abbreviated as Personal Storage Table enables storage of the imprints of note making, journals, contacts, email, calendar events and the other components of Microsoft thus providing the user with free irrevocable technological licensing and specifications. The folders are named as Personal Folders and the file format for the same is .pst. The functioning of the cached Outlook when in offline state is called Off-line Storage Table (.ost) and the folders are named as Off-line folders and their file format being .ost.

The main feature of Outlook is that the PST files stores archived Outlook items and in order to maintain the off-line availability of the Outlook items.

Transferring the files to the server allows the user to be carefree regarding the memory issues. The PST files can be accessed from another device directly using its mail client but is not recommended by Microsoft.

How the Outlook content gets corrupted?

  • Sharing of the same PST file with different users being accessed at the same time but at different locations. The size of the PST files also adds to the woes as too large PST files are prone to corruption. The Outlook items can be accessed from different devices which is not advisable by Microsoft, as the files may get corrupted.
  • Abrupt termination of the Outlook application can result to inaccessible files. Abrupt termination of the application prior to the completion of the transfer process.
  • Virus and malware also pose a constant threat towards the security concerns. Downloading or upgrading from malicious websites can inflict the files with virus thus rendering inaccessible files.
  • Interruption in the process of the compacting the Outlook items can result in deleted/inaccessible items.
  • Upgrading the file formats frequently may also exhibit corrupted files. Upgrading th e version of Outlook can also cause lost files.

Why Recover Outlook PST?

The Recover Outlook PST can recover files from different versions of Outlook including the latest version being Outlook 2016.The recovered files are in a convenient importing format ranging from 2003-2013.The Preview tool allows the user to view the restored files in Outlook style browser.

There are two types of scanning algorithm incorporated are Normal Scan which is used when the files corruption severity is very low and Smart Scan is implemented in order to recover files like emails, contacts or other Outlook items when the severity of the file corruption is very high and even cannot be recovered using normal scan.

The software provides the user with 3 different options depending on the knowledge of the files storage location.

  1. Open default PST is used which reaches out for the default location of the file.
  2. Select PST manually ensures that the user is well informed regarding the location of the corrupted Outlook items.
  3. Find all PST allows the user to search for all possible PST files, thus results in scanning of the entire device.