How to Recover Data from Iomega Hard Drive?

iomega-external-hard-drive-data-recoveryIomega hard drive is a portable hardware device. It gained popularity worldwide because of its high accessibility and reliability. This hard drive has wide range of storage capacities. Enormous amount of data can be stored on this drive due to its compact ability. Data loss may occur due to many reasons such as file system corruption, virus attack, program crash, and some bad sectors.

Do not worry!!! If you have lost/deleted data from Iomega hard drive. Recovery of data can be successfully achieved by using Iomega data recovery software.

Steps to retrieve data from Iomega hard drive:

  1. Download Iomega data Recovery software and install it on your operating system.
  2. Connect the Iomega external hard drive to your system and launch the application.
  3. Select the Recover drives option from main screen window once you launch the software.
  4. Choose Partition Recovery or Formatted/Reformatted Recovery option from the next screen window.
  5. Select the particular hard drive from which you need to recover data from Iomega hard drive and proceed with Next option.
  6. Scanning process for Iomega ego data recovery will be initiated. You can preview restored data after successful completion of scan.
  7. Buy the software to save the previewed files on your desired location.

Reasons for data loss in Iomega hard drive:

  1. Accidental deletion of important files may results in enormous amount of data loss.
  2. File system may corrupt due to abrupt ejection or improper termination of Iomega hard drive which leads to inaccessibility of files.
  3. Impact of using external tools is also responsible for deletion of files.
  4. Formatting the hard disk /corrupted hard drive may also results in deletion of data files on drive.
  5. Virus/Malware attack on the Iomega drive may corrupt the files on drive and makes them inaccessible to read.
  6. Transferring files from Iomega hard drive to system drive or vice versa, a sudden turn off or power fluctuations may results in the deletion of files.
  7. System crash or any program crash may also results in deletion of data permanently.

Special features that uplifts the Iomega data recovery software:

This application has a capability to recover data from deleted/formatted/ reformatted partition/reformatted Iomega external hard drive. This software supports to restore data from FAT, NTFS, HFS and HFSX drives. Iomega external hard drive of different brands like Seagate, Iomega eGo, Toshiba, Iomega Prestige and Transcend etc. can be easily recovered. The restored files will be grouped on attributes like file name, file size, extension, date of creation. This software also helps in recovering lost data from USB flash drives, memory card, etc.

Iomega data Recovery software is highly recommended software to recover deleted/lost data from Iomega external hard drive.