About Apple’s 12-inch MacBook

In this article let us discuss about the review of 12-inch MacBook of Apple which is the favorite device of many users. This device is not only light and slim, but it is also associated with new laptop design and this was the complete change since 2012.

indexWhen it is compared with Air or Pro MacBook, it has many differences such as its screen was two small, not enough ports; the keyboard was too shallow, underpowered MagSafe power connection, up to the MacBook standard the battery life dint measured.

In March of 2015 12-inch MacBook was announced and according to many of the users the $1,299 MacBook was so impressive with its high-res excellent display, overall design and extreme portability. One thing that you all need to notice is, this laptop is not useful for all the users and also it is not useful for those who use for all-day work.

Most of the accessories can be locked by the single USB-C port and the battery life and performance from the first-gen Intel Core M processor is less when compared with mainstream Core i5 laptops which is hundreds less in cost.

A thumbs up is given to the system, also it is said that the new 12-inch MacBook is not for everyone and wont do everything. The industrial designers have made this model that will strive to copy for next several years by strictly enforced minimalism.

One year later when the 12-inch MacBook is followed by a handful of laptops and hybrids, with USB-C ports and Core M processors that offer a stripped down experience is favored with ease of access and gratification over a long term performance and extra features.

A small play pick-up and play laptop is benefitted by the computer OS of the Apple, also sleep waking, app switching is easy through multi-finger touchpad gestures, and via a tap of the space bar the simple file can be previewed.

On most of the new Windows laptop there is something standard in its price class and a touch screen is lacked in it, but the intuitive multi touch touchpad gestures are associated with it and it helps you for a least some of that missing functionality.

Know About the Best Hidden Features in Latest Update of Windows 10

Microsoft has released its latest version of operating system called Windows 10 in last year. Few days before Windows 10 is updated with some new features. Obviously the new features will be known to all of the users, but there are some hidden features that we are going to discuss in this article.

Find My Device:

start-menu-10074-100582141-primary.idgeIn the previous version of the Windows operating system if you were in need to tract your lost laptop or other device then you had to make use of a third party application. Due to its importance, Microsoft has added this feature with Windows 10 so that the users dont need to opt for any third party tool. Like the mobile apps you can be able to find my device and can easily track the location of your device.

You need to sign-in your Microsoft Account on the web from another device, so that you can tract the laptop if you lose it or it gets stolen. So follow the steps to enable this feature:

Go to Settings and then click on to updates and security and there you will find “find my device“. So follow the recommended steps to activate this feature.

Automatic Time Zones:

In the previous version of the Windows operating systems, the setting automatic time for many years was available, but automatic changing of time zone was not available if you travel to any other country. So as the advanced feature Microsoft added this Automatic Time Zone and it was hidden. Go to Settings, there click on to Time & Language, go to set time zone automatically option. Now where ever you travel, the time will set automatically and it is a smart feature.

New Skype Apps:

In the updated version of the Windows 10, Microsoft has included Skype integration, but its sure that most of the users have not notices it. Along with the installation of updated version of Windows 10, the other apps like Phone, Messaging, Skype Video will also be installed.

Microsoft Edge Sync favorites and passwords:

This is the unique feature in the updated Windows 10; if you are using multiple Windows 10 devices then you can use Edge Sync settings and can sync your password and favorites from all the devices and use the same one in all Windows 10 devices. This feature is not available in previous versions of Windows and in previous updates of Windows 10.

Purism’s Librem 13 Laptop with the Qubes OS Installed

These days most of the Linux distributions are fairly similar but the Qubes operating system is different among them. The operating system is based on Linux but it actually runs on the lightweight virtual machines. The applications is isolated from each other that limits damage security and can also cause and aid in privacy. It is no surprise that Edward Snowden was excited by Qubes operating system.

Purism seems to be excited by the Qubes operating system too. The Purism’s Librem currently ship laptops with the Trisquel GNU/Linux. But Librem 13 will be soon shipped with the Qubes operating system pre-installed as per Ars Technica. The Qubes OS would not run on anything, it requires all virtualization regarding heavy hardware.

This could interestingly rescue Purism from controversy that it is in with free software community. According to Purism it was promised that the laptop hardware would not be free from any of the closed source code. But Intel Management Engine and the other firmware which was running on the modern Intel CPU will be remaining the closed source for a foreseeable future.

The Purism Founder, Todd Weaver sounds very hopeful that at least in the public statements. According to him: “Some people state that it is impossible to free BIOS. We have proposed that the business case to Intel and they are evaluating the results. In this best scenario, Purisms Librem laptops have that closed source firmware. You can rescue here with the help of Qubes operating system.

In a blog post which is titled with “Intel x86 considered harmful,” the Qubes operating systems lead developer Joanna Rutkowska said that she “believed we could use the VT-d in order to protect host OS from potentially malicious ME-based rootkits.” She further written that: “I spoke only to few clever people, and also concluded it is possible to come up with the reasonable solution that we would require only the minor modification in hardware.

For Purism, it is potentially big news. While the Purism has no other hope t get rid of this closed source code in nearer future. According to the sources Qubes OS could provides system which can isolate and also protect itself from the attacks, backdoors, bugs and whatever other nasty stuff that could come from firmware. It requires minor modification which the Purism could perform on the laptops for making the Purism’s laptops more compelling.

In the combination of both Qubes OS and Purism will be interesting to watch. It will beneficial for both the sides. Qubes OS can get a certified hardware platform for shipping the operating system. It can perform wherever the minor hardware changes are necessary. On the other hand Purism will be much more unique operating system.

Sliden’Joy: World’s Triple Screen For Laptop

5Laptops are most commonly known for their portability. These are specially manufactured for making work easier compared to desktops. Generally people use it for their personal or professional works. These are small in size and easily transportable. Laptops are designed only for single display. Now with the help of Slidenjoy it is possible to add multiple screen in laptop. With the help of it people can add multiple portable screens intoyour laptop easily. It allows you to add two or three lightweight screens with your laptop at the same time. Sliden’Joy display is a high definition screen display with different size options like 13, 15 and 17 inches. With the help of Sliden’Joy two additional displays can be added in both Windows and Mac based operating system and also these external displays can be rotate up to 180 degree with centers, providing work flexible. Now company is also working for Linux system support.

In other side, for desktop users, adding more than one screen with the system is easy and adds to their functionality, especially for technical workers like many of us. But in the case of laptop users, only one display is enough for their work. In order to provide multiple screen for laptop users, Belgium designer has created Sliden’Joy by which multiple display adding to laptops is portable. Sliden’Joy basically allow you to attachup to two different screen to the right and left side of your laptop. The displays are thin and light with aluminum edges, and supports 1080p resolution each. These screens are clipped with the laptop display and connects to aUSB 3.0 port or a pair of USB 2.0 port.

The Sliden’Joy display can be folded in numerous combinations, allowing friends and colleagues to watch the screen from different angles. This is good for people who want to represent their work to several people throughout an important meeting. It is also useful for graphic designers, travelers photographers, web developers, students, businessmen, video artists, gamers and architects. It is just 1.7 centimeters approximate 0.65 inches thick for the two extra screen version, and could get even thinner in the production version. The developers are so proud of the Slide joys success so far that they have already announced a number of features on which they are working towards, such as touch screens, integrated batteries, triple screens extension and even Linux support and gamers supports.

Must Have Applications for Your Mac OS X

Nowadays, every Macintosh system user should have particular apps in their Mac OS X system. These applications are most useful for the user which helps them to accomplish the task easily. In this article, I am going to provide essential and must have apps for Mac OS X and most of them are available for free. If user wants to add few more application to get work done easier way and user dont need to miss these collections of best programs out there on the internet.

must have apps for mac os xAlthough, in the Mac OS X there is many built-in features available, even then there lot of apps out there this can help user to improve their usage of Mac experience. Suppose, if you bought a new system and in that already Mac OS X operating system is installed along with some excited features. Then also, you are seeking for few more application that can help you to do your task in a proper way then you are in the right place. You can read more about Mac operating system and it’s more useful applications from here.

Which are the must have apps for Mac OS X?

Google Chrome is the best and the majority of the users are using as web browser in the Mac computer. It is very quick, memory efficient, supports many plug-ins and it has sandboxed flash plug-ins that is, if the flash crashes then your browser wont get slow down. Another important feature of the Mac OS X is Unarchiver that has ability to extract any archive files, you have imagine or every heard such as RAR, 7zip, ZIP, TAR, SIT, BZ2, etc.

Flux enables you to change the color of the computer or desktop display automatically, according to the evening or might time mode. It will decrease the eye strain of the user and beyond this it just makes look better the Mac PC screen in the evening or night time.

Caffeine is small application that can help you to prevent the Mac OS X system from going to sleep mode. Suppose, if you are running some programs or process and it will take more time to complete this task. When you left the Mac PC idle for few minutes then it may go into sleep mode and the process which you are running will be stopped abruptly. So, it is better to install this Caffeine apps and turn on to keep it awake for few hours or until, you have manually turn off.

Here’s How You Can Easily Access Windows 7 System Preferences

People usually search for the new updated things so that they can access them and also get benefited with the advanced features that are added. Windows always satisfies for such all users as the Windows come up with many new advanced options which attracted users. Many people get addicted with the excellent features of Windows. From the earlier version to the latest version of Windows, everything has been improved which are mostly useful for all users.

Among all the versions of Windows system, Windows 7 is much familiar for many users; the features were really attracted for people all over the globe. In this article, further I want to discuss about Windows 7 system preference as many users are opting for Windows 7, then obviously it may be useful for them in easily access Windows 7 system preferences. Before this, I just want to make clarify what actually system preferences are?system preferences in windows 7informativeSystem preference is mainly that how your system setting should be? It is the main task of the system preference on Windows and also on the different operating system such as Mac system. In the Windows 7, place for your basic system preference is the Control Panel. In the Control Panel itself, you may find the various options for the setting which can change your preferences of the system. Among the settings found in the Control Panel are Display Settings, Sound Settings, Wi-Fi, and Fire Wall Settings. You may have hardware specific settings, depending on the manufacturer of your computer.

Windows 7 has updated a new entry in the Control Panel which has ability to perform different tasks on the multiple systems, it is capable of quickly accessing, and the updated entry is terms as Action centre. When you want to make use of it? then simply open from theStart menu bar. After opening menu bar then type action in the search box, which helps in viewing icon of action on the screen as by searching it get displayed.

When you click on the action item, which led you open with a dialog box which may carry out various system functions such security messages, troubleshooting tools, and a variety of system management tasks like backups and updates. These all function are consolidated with the action center of Windows 7. The most craze feature which updated in the Windows 7 system preferences is UAC which stands for User Account Control. Read on this page to know how Windows has made it possible to configure the UAC by updating it in the system. Let know the features for the user account option for which users makes to used it maximum.

Whichever way you use, the graphic below will display on the screen. There is a slide bar that provides four different settings, ranging from UAC totally off to UAC behaving Vista-like with incessant notices. Slide the bar to the setting you like and hit ok for it. Although some PC users like to disable UAC, I do not personally think that is a good idea unless you are an experienced user. I leave my own setting in the position shown in the graphic.

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8.1

Keyboard shortcut is the combination of two or more keys that, when pressed, can be used for performing the task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device. When using Windows 8.1 new interface in a traditional method, it might require sometime to accommodate, tasks of navigating through the OS and its new apps can be simplified by using the keyboard shortcuts that Microsoft has made available. Using this keyboard shortcuts, it will be easier to interact with your Windows 8.1 computer, saving you time and effort as you work with Windows and other applications. Many of the shortcuts shared in this tutorial were chosen while thinking what applications or settings you might access or use on a regular basis. These keyboard shortcuts on Windows 8.1 are simple enough to be easily grasped by anyone and they will help you be more productive in your daily tasks.

Some of the keyboard shortcuts that are used on Windows 8.1 are mentioned below:

  • If you want to close the current application on Windows 8.1 PC then press Alt+F4.
  • To close the current browser tab or document quickly then press Ctrl+W. This keyboard shortcut often closes the current Window 8.1 if there are no other tabs open.
  • One of the fastest way to lock your Windows 8.1 screen is by quickly pressing Windows Key + L.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Delete will take you to a screen that allows you to quickly launch the Task Manager.
  • Windows Key + P allow you to open the Project sidebar for extending your image to a second screen. And if you have multiple screens or if you are using a video projector, this sidebar allows you to choose how the image must be displayed.
  • Windows Key + F1 help you to launches the Windows Help and Support documentation provided by Microsoft.
  • Windows Key + E launch File Explorer both from the Desktop and the Start screen.
  • Windows Key + R begin to run dialog that you can use to run programs or commands.
  • Hold the Windows key and press D in order to show and hide the desktop.
  • Windows Key + X helps to launch a hidden menu with many useful shortcuts. This menu is also named the WinX menu or the power user’s Start Menu.
  • Windows Key + L keyboard shortcut allows you to lock your Windows 8.1 PC or device and takes you to the Lock screen.
  • You can hold the Windows key and press Spacebar to choose a keyboard language and pick a different keyboard layout.
  • Just hold the Windows key and press E to open File Explorer.
  • Press Control, Shift and Esc together in order to open Task Manager.
  • Hold Alt and press Tab key combination to switch between all open apps, including those in the Modern and desktop UIs.
  • You can hold Ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel up or down to zoom in or out.
  • Hold the Windows Key and press P to select a display presentation mode.