Insight View on Microsoft Surface Book

It seems Microsoft has been spying in our dreams! First the Surface tablet and now they have surprised us with Microsoft Surface Book. A tough competitor for MacBook Pro; It`s going to be next market leader for high end surface book

For decades Apple has been ruling the market in high end laptop section. Now they have tough competitor. You are just started liking Microsoft Surface tablets; Microsoft gave us double bonanza by launching Microsoft Surface Book. It has both the features of a Tablet and traditional Laptop. Check this out in Microsoft official launch event.

A touchscreen tablet computer that held tightly to the base and still detach at the touch of a button, and dual GPUs ( One in the tablet and one in the base) that can somehow smoothly managed by the Windows 10 OS.

You may ask then why not call it a notebook then, but it`s not a notebook. Microsoft is not even promoting it as a notebook. They have different name for it- Clipboard. The fact that the top half can be detach from the base and a stylus pen makes it a clipboard.

You can write, read and learn or if you want more traditional look, then it can serve as laptop as well. This is not convertible or hybrid, it`s just a dual purpose surface Book.

The idea behind designing Microsoft Surface Book is more likely to have a Book in your hand. The design looks similar to MacBook Pro but it has a metal body instead of polycarbonate plastic.

The touchpad has upgraded for a Glass touch pad and it has become wider. There are more gaps accommodated between keys to make it more comfortable and cozy.

The Surface Book has a 13.5-inch diagonal PixelSense, 3,000×2, 000 pixel display, with 6 million pixels at 267 pixels per inch. The screen supports touch and you can write on it with the included Surface Pen.

It’s equipped with a 5-megapixel front-facing Windows Hello face-authentication camera to unlock the laptop, plus an 8-megapixel rear camera that can record 1080p HD video.

At the first instance the Surface look huge but it is lighter and thinner than ever. However Price is the area that concerns us but believe me guys it worth a shot.

Company is directly taking shot by promoting it as fastest Laptop ever on MacBook Pro and Air model.

Up close, the Surface Book feels expensive, solid and distinct. The laptop closes, but it doesn’t seal. There’s an intentional gap between the keyboard and screen, until they meet perfectly at the front edge.

Damaged MP4 Video File Repair

Have you downloaded your favorite MP4 file and it is not supported on any media player? Are you searching a way to repair the damage MP4 file? Then you need not to stress more because there is repairing tool named Fix MP4 software works good for you to get play back the corrupted MP4 files at just few clicks. This software helps you in repairing MP4 files without altering the original content of lost MP4 file

Normally MP4 files include both audio listening and visual viewing both at a same time. MP4 files help you in better understanding of the different concept and topics than the other files. .avi, .mov, mp4, 3gp, etc. are some file formats of video files. In spite of many advantages and features of MP4 files, sometimes MP4 files becomes inaccessible on the different media player. In this case, you should opt for MP4 file repair tool which actually helps you in fixing MP4 files and make the file playable on different media player. Now let us discuss the different reasons by which MP4 files become inaccessible.

Scenarios in which MP4 file become inaccessible:

While changing the file extension, there are many chances that files become inaccessible. So to avoid this make a backup file in advance before going for this operation of changing the format of the MP4 file.

Improper recovery is another reason for which the files becomes useless and recovery should be complete it successful in order to access the files on different media player.

Incomplete transfer of video files to the other device may also responsible for the corruption of video file. Usually files become inaccessible because of during the transfer process if any error takes places then it will result in unplayable of MP4 file.

If the virus affected the MP4 files, then the files becomes useless and cant be play on any media player.

Unique features of this tool:

This tool repair damaged MP4 video file on almost all the different versions of Windows like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 8, etc. It is designed with the good user interface which helps every single user to make use of it to fix Mp4 and make the file playable on all different media player with ease. It also works well in repairing the MP4 file on all the different platforms of Mac OS like Mavericks, Leopard, Lion, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, and Yosemite. It has the option to preview the MP4 file before repairing it. This tool is trust worthy tool ass it allow user to know about its performance in repairing MP4 file with the help of its free trial version.

Tips to prevent MP4 file from getting unplayable:

Make sure that MP4 file is scan up to date or else scan the MP4 regularly to avoid file from virus or any harmful attack.

Be patience and cool while transferring or downloading the file. Dont interrupt in the middle of the process. Allow the file to be successful in the above process in order to make use of MP4 file.

Make a backup MP4 file, if you are planning to change the format of the file.

Know How to Recover Photos from Digital Camera

Digital camera is used to capture image and videos of high quality and resolution. It is used to capture funny and memory moments instantly. Sometimes photos captured on digital camera become inaccessible due to camera card corruption. At times, you are tensed finding the photos you captured on digital camera get deleted or lost because of human error.

Under such drastic situation, no need to worry, you can make use of Digital Camera Data Recovery tool to recover photos from digital camera with great comfort. It is a complete package of advanced tool to restore deleted or lost pictures from digital camera. It is one of the finest tools to recover images of different file format such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIFF, TIFF, PSD, etc. This application is available online and easy to download on all the latest version of Mac and Windows operating system.

Scenarios due to which photos on Digital camera get deleted or lost

Accidental Deletion: Delete is one of the most crucial options on any storage device. If we accidentally make use of this option on digital camera then there is no manual way to retrieve them back. Same kind of situation is encountered when you delete some of the images while previewing.

Unintentional Formatting: Every now and then we need to format memory card of digital camera. However, if this option is used without any reason then all the saved images gets wiped out in matter of seconds.

Improper Ejection: If you are ejecting your camera connected to system abruptly without following proper procedure then there is high possibility that some photos from digital camera memory card become unreachable. You can use this tool to recover camera SD card without any issue.

Other Reasons: There are many other reasons for loss of pictures from memory card such as improper handling of memory card, file system corruption, virus attack, error while file system conversion, and many more. Under all these circumstances you can easily use this easy-to-use software to recover images from digital camera memory card.

Features of Digital Camera Data Recovery Software

  1. Digital Camera Data Recovery tool is easy to install on different versions of Windows (Windows2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Vista, etc) and Mac (Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc)
  2. This software is also compatible in recovering photos from other digital cameras such as Kodak, Samsung, Sony, Fujifilm, Vetch, etc.
  3. It is very easy to rescue digital media files from digital camera memory card through this application.
  4. It has an outstanding feature known as Save Recovery Session which allows user to save the recovery timing.
  5. User is able to recover photos from Digital camera which are of different file formats.
  6. Demo version is available which allows user to retrieve pictures from Digital camera effectively. In demo version user can only preview the recovered photos, save option is available after purchasing the application.
  7. Technical support team provides help to user who finds any difficulty while accessing the software.
  8. It is one of the fastest applications to recover deleted or lost pictures from digital camera.

Repair Damaged Adobe Photoshop PSD Files

“Last week, when I was working on Adobe Photoshop, I received a notification about damage of file. Then I tried in different ways to access the PSD file. But it was unable to open instead displaying the same result for every attempt. So I decided to buy the software to fix PSD file. But I am not finding the best tool to repair the PSD file. Please can anyone let me know which tool works effectively in repairing the PSD files of Adobe Photoshop?”

Yes, it is somewhat complicated to choose the best repairing tool but the thing you can easily detect which tool works perfectly with the help of the trial versions offer by the software for the user to get idea. In my view there is a tool named as Fix PSD Software that helps fix PSD filethat are damaged or corrupted with ease. Before knowing about the application and features of this tool, let us discuss some information about PSD files and Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop is most advanced editing app of images. Users really enjoy with the features provided by this photo editing app. PSD and PDD are the two file format of Adobe Photoshop. These files are store in .psd and .pdd file extension. Sometimes, PSD files will get inaccessible because of many reasons. Let us discuss the reasons for which PSD files become inaccessible.

Reasons for inaccessible of PSD file:

Application Freeze: Adobe Photoshop works well for all editing process, but sometimes this application get crashed which is known as freeze of the application. If the Photoshop freeze, then the PSD file gets inaccessible.

Download error: When the files are not successfully downloaded, if any interruptions occur while downloading the file, then the files get inaccessible.

Virus Attack: Adobe Photoshop will fails to open the PSD files when the virus or any malware or spyware is attack to the files

Unsuccessful Transfer: If the files are incompletely transfer, then it might results in not working of PSD files on Adobe Photoshop.

Damage of PSD file: If the file gets damage or corrupted due to the many reasons like boot sector, code errors etc., then PSD files might get fails

If the files get inaccessible, user should opt for fix psd file in order to access the file again. With the Fix PSD Software help to access the PSD file again Let us see the features for which this software is widely using all over the world.

Ideal features of Fix PSD Tool:

  • Fix PSD Tool is containing simple design to fix PSD file on Adobe Photoshop.
  • This tool supports the different versions of Photoshop likes Photoshop 7, Photoshop 6, Photoshop 5.5, CS, CS1, CS2, etc.
  • It works comfortably on the different versions of Windows OS such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows Vista.
  • With the help of this utility, you can repair images the different files like PDD, PSD, JPEG, TIFF etc.
  • It is also used to repair RLE compressed PSD file with its strong inbuilt algorithm.

This software repair the PSD file with its different color modes such as Bitmap, indexed color, gray-scale, multi channel color, etc.

Software to Recover Files from Samsung SD Card

Sometimes, losing important file might create a big issue for anyone. Especially, those who are working on large business organization and lost some important business data or information kept on file or folder. If you are missing files from Samsung SD card then here is a good news for you. Today, you can easily recover deleted or lost files from Samsung SD card. Here, you will be able to learn how to recover files from Samsung SD card using reliable Samsung Recovery software. This Samsung SD card recovery software is preferred by most of the professionals to restore files from Samsung SD card.

This tool is capable for restoring any type of files deleted or lost from Samsung SD card. Utilizing this powerful software, you will be able to recover files from Samsung SD card after corruption due to any reason such as virus infection, damaged file system, improper use, etc. No need to worry about the reason behind loss of files from Samsung SD card, just need to perform Samsung SD card recovery software to retrieve files from Samsung SD card. Only one thing you have to remember is, dont use that SD card for any operation before recovering files from Samsung SD card.

Few reasons for loss of files from Samsung SD card:

Damaged Samsung SD card: If the card gets damaged due to some known or unknown factors, then the SD card becomes or inaccessible. Sometimes, it may refuse to open along with showing some error messages like disk error, invalid disk, unsupported drive, etc. In such condition, you may lose everything kept inside Samsung SD card.

Improper ejection: It is frequently seen that most of the people dont use the SD card as it is recommended, number of time they disconnect the SD card while fetching data from it. If it is repeatedly done for long time then it may cause the file system, as a result file system get damaged and the card becomes inaccessible.

Accidental deletion: Once deleted file from SD card, cant be retrieved manually. Many people make a mistake while deleting unnecessary files, they accidentally delete some important files. After that getting worried about whether the files deleted from Samsung SD card can be recovered or not.

Other factors: Mistakenly formatted SD card, virus infection, third party tools, etc., are some other factors that may lead to loss of files from Samsung SD card.

Features of Samsung Recovery software:

It is an award winning tool to recover files erased or lost on Samsung SD card. As it is especially built for restoring Samsung SD card files, this Samsung SD card recovery software is the most effective and efficient tool for retrieving files from Samsung SD card. Along with Samsung SD card recovery, the software can also be utilized to recover files from SD card of different brands such as Transcend, Kingston, HP, Sony, SanDisk, etc.

Beside this, it efficiently recovers files from other storage devices manufactured by Samsung like SDHC card, xD card, memory stick, USB flash drives and so on. Also capable to restore files from internal as well as external hard drive of Samsung desktop or laptop computer. As it is read only tool, it successfully restores files from Samsung SD card without damaging any of them. Its graphical interface guides user to recover deleted or lost files from Samsung SD card with utmost ease. This Samsung SD card recovery software is compatible on various versions of Windows and Mac OS based computers.

Recover Deleted or Lost Files from Sony 32GB Pen Drive

Sony has introduced a stream of data storage products like pen drives, external hard drives, memory cards and many more to record, store, share and transfer information. You can store videos, photos, documents, PowerPoint Files, etc. Pen drives have gained popularity owing to factors like their large storage capability, universal nature, portability, small size and cheap rates. At times, users tend to lose information from pen drives or are unable to access it due to various reasons. To overcome such situations you can make use of Sony Photo Recovery Software to recover those lost or deleted files from Sony 32 GB Pen Drive. Lets just go through some scenarios through which your files gets deleted or lost from Sony 32 GB Pen Drive.

Accidental Deletion: To add some files from your system to pen drive, your pen drive must have free space. If free space is not there then you have to delete some unwanted files such as photos from pen drive. During this time, you accidentally deleted some important files.

Improper Ejection: While transferring files such as videos, photos, documents, movie, etc from Sony 32 GB Pen Drive to your system or vice-versa, you may abruptly eject your Sony Pen Drive from the system, henceforth, causing inaccessibility of data.

Virus Attack: If the viruses are injected within the pen drives then they corrupt the data within the pen drive. The inaccessible or corrupted data can’t be recovered manually and hence you have to call for a solution as Sony Photo Recovery Software.

Using Third Party Applications: Usually, when user plug-in their Sony pen drive, the anti-virus put in within the system might auto scan the pen drive. So as to look for any virus present within the pen drive. When certain issues observed in Auto run file, the anti-virus asks the user to repair the problem. During this method, certain important data kept within the pen drive gets deleted, hence resulting in data loss.

Other Reasons: Some of the other reasons behind the data loss or deletion from Sony 32GB Pen Drive such as file system corruption, unintentional formatting, etc.

Why you use Sony Photo Recovery Software?

  • It is robust software which provides simple user interface so that even a new user can use this utility without any difficulty.
  • This software is free from malware and virus attack.
  • It is also a cost effective product that is available at reasonable rates. You don”t have to worry about the free disk space for the installation of this software as it requires very less space for installation.
  • This software is effective to perform Sony 32gb pen drive data recovery with great ease.
  • Apart from recovering data from Sony 32GB Pen Drive, this tool is capable enough to recover files from Sony Vaio laptop and other storage device of various brands such as Samsung, Dell, HP, Acer, etc.
  • It can retrieve data from MMC card, SD card, xD card, CF card, SDHC card, and all other types of memory cards.
  • It can recover data from Sony 32GB pen drive such as videos, photos, documents, Power Point files, Excel Sheets, PDF files, and many more.
  • It provides 24* 7 customer support at free of cost.
  • Preview option is available for the users to view the recovered files and check the efficiency of the software. After checking results, you can upgrade the software with its full version.

Best Place to Enjoy Music through iTunes

Google Play facilitates you to bring iTunes library to your Android devices. With the help of this iTunes, you can upload up to 50,000 of your songs from your system to Google Play. And once you have uploaded your music, it’s instantly available on the web and your Android Smartphone or tablet. There is no need of wires, downloading or syncing. This iTunes also lets you play your music on whichever device you are using that includes iPhone, Mac, iPad, iPod touch, PC or Apple TV. Just kick back and relax at home by listening to your favorite music by this iTunes. With over 43 million music to choose from, iTunes is the most confident to have something to fit your mood.

iTunes player on your desktop and the Music app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch helps to keep all  your music in one place. Therefore it will be there when you are ready to listen your favorite music or songs instead of going through stacks of CDs or digital files. Now you can import all your music files into iTunes and quickly browse your whole collection in few minutes. Arrange your library any way you need and move it onto any of your devices. Create playlists and enjoy that beloved music whenever and wherever. You can even have Genius make mixes of songs that go great together.

iTunes Store is one of the best place to get all your adorable music. Here you can find out more than 43 million high-quality, DRM-free songs on iTunes for cheaper rate. You can listen to a 90-second preview of selected songs before you buy. Complete My Album makes it probable to buy few songs to try an album out, then get the rest for the original album price minus what you’ve already spent. On any device, and your songs are instantly accessible in your iTunes library.

With the help of iCloud, the songs and albums you buy from the iTunes Store can automatically appear on all your devices. All the music purchased on any device is instantly accessible in your iTunes library on your Mac. Tap to play, or even download if you are going somewhere you won’t have Wi‑Fi. And also with Family Sharing, whenever one family member buys a new song or album then everyone else can download and listen. Pop over here to get more details on where to find the best place to enjoy music through iTunes.

With the help of this iTunes you lose yourself in a film, whether you’re relaxing at home or out in the world. You need to just download your favourite movies and you have something great to watch while you are commuting to work, travelling or just standing in a queue. Thus it is possible to enjoy bonus film content like deleted and alternative scenes with iTunes Extras. All your liked movies are just a tap away. Whichever might be the movies that you feel like watching either a Hollywood blockbuster, an indie or a documentary, this iTunes keeps your entire film collection organized and ready to play. Thus you can easily browse your library for something great to watch.

How to Undo Delete Files from Windows Recycle Bin??

Windows is the most popular operating system that is being used by many people across the globe. The most eminent feature provided by Recycle Bin. When any file gets deleted from Windows hard disk, then deleted files will get stored in Recycle Bin so that you can restore it back whenever required. Recycle bin provides a security, holds a deleted files and allows you to retrieve deleted files. It is possible to restore deleted / lost files from Recycle Bin as long as the file is available in it. What if you have intentionally emptied Windows Recycle Bin later realized that deleted files are important for you?? Not getting anything into mind. Well, you don’t to worry as you can easily retrieve deleted files from Recycle Bin using some reliable third party tool. One such popular software is File Undelete that helps in recovering deleted files easily and quickly.

Now, you might think on how is it possible to get back data once it is deleted. In an answer to this query, when you accidentally or intentionally delete any file from your Recycle Bin, it does not gets deleted permanently. The OS will just erase its file allocation information and makes the storage space free for adding new files. But, the deleted data will remain intact onto the same storage space until it is overwritten by new files. Here exists the need of third party tool i.e. File Undelete software that can retrieve files from Recycle Bin after deletion or emptying Recycle Bin.

Where My File Undelete is useful??

  • When the deleted file is of too large in size, you will not able to find deleted files in the Recycle Bin. In such situation, the file will be deleted surpassing the Recycle Bin.
  • If you delete a file using Shift+Delete command, then files get bypassed from Recycle Bin folder  causing data loss. In this case, you will not be able to retrieve files from the Recycle Bin unless you employ third party recovery utility.

Things to check when you choose software:

One must always select a good deleted files recovery software and check weather the utility can recover files of different file formats and from different storage devices from where you have deleted the files. Also check the capability of the software in restoring data from different data loss scenarios. Ensure the software lets you to preview the files before restoring. Preview of the files helps in finding the deleted files and makes file recovery faster. Download the demo version to evaluate the ability of the software.

Follow the given below steps to recover files form Recycle Bin.

  • Connect a hard drive to a working system as a secondary hard drive.
  • Install deleted files recovery software to the system.
  • Run the utility to restore deleted files.
  • Follow the instruction and according to that recover deleted or lost files.

List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8.1

Keyboard shortcut is the combination of two or more keys that, when pressed, can be used for performing the task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device. When using Windows 8.1 new interface in a traditional method, it might require sometime to accommodate, tasks of navigating through the OS and its new apps can be simplified by using the keyboard shortcuts that Microsoft has made available. Using this keyboard shortcuts, it will be easier to interact with your Windows 8.1 computer, saving you time and effort as you work with Windows and other applications. Many of the shortcuts shared in this tutorial were chosen while thinking what applications or settings you might access or use on a regular basis. These keyboard shortcuts on Windows 8.1 are simple enough to be easily grasped by anyone and they will help you be more productive in your daily tasks.

Some of the keyboard shortcuts that are used on Windows 8.1 are mentioned below:

  • If you want to close the current application on Windows 8.1 PC then press Alt+F4.
  • To close the current browser tab or document quickly then press Ctrl+W. This keyboard shortcut often closes the current Window 8.1 if there are no other tabs open.
  • One of the fastest way to lock your Windows 8.1 screen is by quickly pressing Windows Key + L.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Delete will take you to a screen that allows you to quickly launch the Task Manager.
  • Windows Key + P allow you to open the Project sidebar for extending your image to a second screen. And if you have multiple screens or if you are using a video projector, this sidebar allows you to choose how the image must be displayed.
  • Windows Key + F1 help you to launches the Windows Help and Support documentation provided by Microsoft.
  • Windows Key + E launch File Explorer both from the Desktop and the Start screen.
  • Windows Key + R begin to run dialog that you can use to run programs or commands.
  • Hold the Windows key and press D in order to show and hide the desktop.
  • Windows Key + X helps to launch a hidden menu with many useful shortcuts. This menu is also named the WinX menu or the power user’s Start Menu.
  • Windows Key + L keyboard shortcut allows you to lock your Windows 8.1 PC or device and takes you to the Lock screen.
  • You can hold the Windows key and press Spacebar to choose a keyboard language and pick a different keyboard layout.
  • Just hold the Windows key and press E to open File Explorer.
  • Press Control, Shift and Esc together in order to open Task Manager.
  • Hold Alt and press Tab key combination to switch between all open apps, including those in the Modern and desktop UIs.
  • You can hold Ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel up or down to zoom in or out.
  • Hold the Windows Key and press P to select a display presentation mode.